Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!

Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!

Help Us Bring Joy To Children

The Children’s Right Advocate Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Lagos Nigeria. Our Main goal is to help Children, who are under privileged, achieve their goals in life. 


Give funds to support children in desperate need.


Help us provide gifts & utilities for children in need.


Become a nonprofit volunteer with us.

Recent Causes

Causes to Donate & Support for Year 2019

Back to School Bag Drive

Give: 1,000 School Bags

With your help, CRA Foundation will help equip over 3,800 children and youth with school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Mid-day Lunch Meal

Feed: 500 Children

A mid-day meal scheme for children attending government-run schools in Nigeria. By providing lunches to students, CRA Foundation aims to ensure that no child in Nigeria is deprived of education because of hunger.


Holiday Party

Celebrate With: 200 Children

Support CRA Foundation to organize parties to give the kids a sense of inclusion during the holiday period

Uniform & Learning Materials

Donate: 1,000 Children

Having school uniforms and learning materials is a barrier for poor children to access basic education. Support CRA Foundation to put an end to such barrier.

Aid for Families

Help: Families of 50 Children

Support  low-income working families to meet basic needs for themselves and children

Help us make the world a better place for children

Giving each child a chance at a better life

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