Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!

Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!


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Holiday Party

With your help, CRA Foundation will celebrate with children and youth during the upcoming holidays and festive season. Our mission is to bring joy to children living in poverty. We believe that joy changes lives, and a Joyful community can change the world. 

With the help of partners (that’s you!) we host holiday parties at orphanages and poor communities across the country. We celebrate with these children (ages 1-16)  to join us for the party.

Our  celebration is a chance for kids to dream big! Our parties are so much more than a celebration – they are a loud exclamation point that kids matter and have the right to experience fun!

To donate towards this cause or celebrate your birthday with these kids, CONTACT US or to give towards this DONATE HERE. Be sure to write the cause you want to donate towards so we channel your donation specifically for that purpose.

Thank you and God bless you.


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