Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!

Help us bring joy to the kid's faces!

Other Ways to Give

Diverse Ways to Give

Children's Right Advocate Foundation aspires to run a functional not-for –profit children’s recreation/day care centre and as such requires any donation that can help in realizing this dream especially in the areas of furniture, books/ writing/learning resource materials and computers

Be A Volunteer

You can help by being a volunteer/mentor. You can donate your time to foster the aims and objectives of the Foundation.


Other areas include sponsorship to provide food, education , accommodate and provide medical care for children. Clothing and non perishable foods stuffs for CRAF’s non-profit charity kitchen. Toys, baby food and clothing CRAF’S non-profit day care centers

Celebrate Your Birthday

You can celebrate your birthdays or birthdays of your loved ones,your wedding anniversaries or sponsor in memory of a loved ones by sponsoring children or families.

Operational Vehicles

You can donate operational vehicles as well as power generation sets for our centers.


You can sponsor a child or a family.


You can donate fridges/freezers, cookers, fans,air conditioners.

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